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Custom dining tables is one of Dunes & Duchess specialities. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about designing your own one-of-a-kind piece.


Build rectangular, oval and round dining tables. Dunes & Duchess have never built an L-shaped table, but there's a first time for everything


Determine the size of your table. We've made them as small as 68cm round as so far up to 355cm long. Determine your size and shape.


The Captain's Compass Base (bottom left in blue) can be ordered with a top up to 100cm round. Capstan Bases (with the horizontal ribbing) can hold tops as large as 200cm round. These bases can also be paired with rectangular tops or can be doubled depending on the size you desire.


Of course there are also regular table legs which are turn out of maple or white oak. Below are different leg styles. From left to right are the Chappy, Tiki, Edgartown and Octo legs. The far right photo on the table is the new Vero leg that is almost 13cm in diameter.

TOP AND FINISH Think about how you and your family are going to use this table. Is it going to serve as homework central after school, breakfast every morning or only holidays? Knowing how you're going to use it will help you choose the right finish. Limed oak, fumed oak stained or glass—very durable, will hardly ever show wear and tear within reason. You can leave a glass on it overnight and it's not going to be damaged because of the final clear coat sprayed on it. We recommend this finish to households with small children, vacation rentals and anyone who thinks they are going to be rough on it. Here are some samples.


If you love lacquer it can also be a durable option. Our own breakfast table is white lacquer and even after travelling to a dozen trade shows and being beaten up by teenage boys, it still looks great. I simply wipe it down with a wet rag and it's ready for the next meal. We typically recommend that if you're choosing lacquer you go with white or our Swedish Gray because they will show fewer scratches and marks in the lighter colours.


The lighter colours are of course safer, but people know us for our lacquer and our colours and want to add that look to their own home. When we do these darker, brighter, wilder colours we take extra care to make them as durable as possible. So far, the reports are good!


You'll see throughout that there are sometimes some variations in the finish. Some are super glossy, some show grain and even a few look matte. These are all options. You'll also see some with marble tops or custom stains. These are also options. When in doubt, talk to us! Most of these tables are shipped with the legs off, but it's always good to check!

For more information, email us at [email protected]


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