As a graphic designer by trade, I always had an interest in repeat patterns... they occasionally crept into the day job when designing a brand identity or packaging concept. As a keen illustrator, detail and decoration have been recurring themes throughout my career, and flora and fauna has been a constant source of inspiration. However, it took the change of pace to life, brought about by having children and spending more time away from the screen, to discover what I wanted to do with these interests.

From newly-filled sketchbooks I soon progressed to block printing, on a steep but exciting learning curve that got me well and truly hooked. I now constantly gather inspiration from the stunning landscape I live in, and gradually distill what I come across into hand-drawn patterns, which I then will often carve into lino, then print onto fabric. 

In 2015 I took five of my designs to a UK based digital printer in order to develop a print-to-order collection in unlimited meterage, and launched my debut 'Littleworth' collection, all based on my original handprinted designs.

In September 2016 I followed on with the 'Curiosity' Collection; five new designs; two from my original lino blocks and three from my hand drawn sketches. My work continues to celebrate the little details of the natural world, and these collections take you on my journey of observation as I go about day-to-day life.