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Get Covered by Mally Skok

Mally Skok is a South African born, Boston based Interior Designer and Textile/Wallcovering Artist.

Mally and her family moved from London to the Boston area in the mid 90’s. Mally soon began her successful Interior Design business, building a client base that was enamored by her creative mix of layering the new with the old, and transforming homes into comfortable, colorful living spaces. After a trip to India with her sister, Mally was inspired to create her own fabric and wallpaper line. With the support and guidance of her friend and mentor, Peter Fasano, the Mally Skok Design fabric and wallpaper line was launched in 2009. The Mally Skok Design Collection has grown to include 97 fabrics and 40 wallpapers, with new designs introduced every year.

In addition to her interior design business and fabric and wallpaper line, Mally has an active and lively social media presence. We have included some of our favourite Mally Skok wallpaper designs below.


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