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Introducing Tillett Textiles

Kathleen Tillett and son Patrick McBride represent 4 generations of designers, artists, creators and innovators of textile Design. The mother-son team have designed a new way of working with and creating hand printed fabrics.

Seeing that today's designer needed a wide selection and quick results, the two created the Tillett Textiles & T4 colorPAD collection. ColorPAD allows you to create beautiful custom fabrics, instantly. With over 180 patterns to choose from, 55 colors and 12 grounds, you can now find and create fabrics in minutes. Designing complete rooms, hard to find coordinates or the perfect something to finish it off.

Tillett textiles are featured here on the day beds. Due to their quality and Sunbrella Outdoor base cloths many of their designs can be adapted for commercial use.

The colorPAD collections are a unique way of creating one of a kind fabric. Click this image for a link, afterwards, click the pattern box, choose the pattern and then play with all the color and fabric choices. When you're finished, you can either print out a copy of what you've created and/or request a CFA. 

Choose your base cloth

Chosse a colour

Choose a Pattern


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