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Introducing Wallpaper by Botanica Trading

This six panel panoramic wall paper was chiefly inspired by the “Room of Birds” Stanza degli Ucelli in the Villa dei Medici in Rome painted by Jacopo Zucchi as well as the coffered ceiling of the long gallery at Parham House painted by Oliver Messell. The narrative of the panorama is injected with wit and whimsy here and there, with predator alongside their wary prey, shown in that quiet moment before being devoured . One panel is devoted to nocturnal beasties. Overall it celebrates the quiet beauty and wonder of nature within a light faux bois structure. There is dash of nostalgia for a forgotten time , a glorified Eden, a magical, untarnished, unhurried world that has sadly vanished. See the full Wallpaper Collection here

Aviary panorama is customisable, with faux boix pillars that can be added to fill in areas as you can see below. There is also a narrow faux bois trellis, a third of the size, to assist with awkward transitions and a layer of grass that can be added to the base to assist customising the panel to differing heights

It can be ordered as a single panel, or any multiple of 1- 6

Original Dimensions for each panel: height 235 cm high 145cm wide The width cannot be increased only the height

Panel 1 Hawk & Hare

Panel 2 Cockerel & Clematis

Panel 3 Badger & Beehive

Panel 4 Fox & Lizard

Panel 5 Hoopoe & Squirrels

Panel 6 Owl & Hedgehog



This semi-panoramic repeat design was inspired by the exquisite hand-painted 18th Century wallpaper in the Prima Donna’s dressing room in Drottningholm Palace’s Theatre in Swede. The design has been mirrored to create an espalier effect added peaches and parrots.

Also available on a plain off white background .

Repeat dimensions:

width: 145cm

height: 176cm (two rows)

This design can be printed to any scale


This design is tribute to the miracle of the recurring florescence of Spring and was aesthetically inspired by the carved marble panels of the cenotaphs in the iconic mausoleum of the Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan for his favourite wife

Available on an aged background, or an off white background (see on cover of catalogue )

This design can be printed at any scale.

Repeat details

Height 73cm

Side repeat 72.5cm (fits 2x across width of paper)


Agra wallpaper also references a botanically inspired design in the Taj Mahal complex, the ceiling of Naqqar Khana (the orchestra pit). This has a subtle rhythmic design with lightly traced flowers in a pale cream on a textured ground.

Available in five muted colour ways.

Heather;Ochre;Pear; Eau de Nil;Slate.

Custom colours can be requested

Repeat Details

Height: 75cm

Width: 70cm


The alchemy of serendipity occurred when I put together unused floral motifs and created a lyrical symmetrical design. The inspiration sources are eclectic ranging from India, Holland, Hawaii, China and Turkey with plenty of reinventing and deconstruction along the way. The motifs work together, bound by colour and theme. It is available in four colours : Henna, Azure Rose & Eau de Nil

FLEURON : 145 cm wide, v repeat 176cm


A companion small scale design, forming a simple stripe with two deconstructed elements from Fleuron

Available in four colour ways Henna, Rose, Azure & Eau de Nil

FLEURON MINI dimensions145 cm wide , v repeat 138cm

Both designs are also available printed on oatmeal linen


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