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Elevate Your Space with Wallpaper Wednesday: Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday! Today, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on a true masterpiece in wall coverings—Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels.

Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels: A Symphony of Nature and Design

Wood Veneer Wallpaper: Explore the beauty of nature seamlessly blending with design in Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels.

Caryn Cramer

Benefits and Features:

  • Class A Fire Rated: Ideal for various commercial applications, including hospitality, retail, health care, corporate, and transportation interiors.

  • Flexible and Contouring: These veneer panels are not just visually stunning but also flexible, contouring curved surfaces and wrapping around 90-degree corners without cracking.

  • Book Matched Wood Grain: The wood grain and printed motif are meticulously book-matched horizontally across panels, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

  • Easy Installation: No specialized tools or processes required. Installation is as simple as traditional wallpaper and vinyl coverings. Panels are numbered for ease during installation.

  • Environmentally Responsible: Sourced through responsible forest management practices, these panels are formaldehyde-free, VOC compliant, and meet LEED criteria for low-emitting materials.

Caryn Cramer

Applications in Your Designs:

  1. Commercial Spaces: Elevate the ambiance of your commercial spaces with the warmth and sophistication of wood veneer.

  2. Curved Surfaces: Let your creativity flow as these panels effortlessly contour curved surfaces, adding a touch of uniqueness to your designs.

  3. Seamless Installation: The easy installation process ensures a hassle-free experience, making it suitable for a range of design projects.

Caryn Cramer

Explore Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels:

Visit Our Showroom: Immerse yourself in the tactile richness of Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels by visiting our showroom. Witness the stunning textures, explore the intricate details, and envision the transformative power these panels bring to your spaces.

Showroom Details: are included below

Explore Online: Can't make it to the showroom? Our complete collections, featuring Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels, are available online. Dive into the full range from the comfort of your space.

Caryn Cramer

  • Expert Guidance: Our team is here to provide personalized guidance, ensuring you find the perfect wall covering for your project.

  • Wide Selection: From wood veneer to an array of other premium wall coverings, our diverse collection caters to various design preferences.

  • Seamless Online Experience: Explore our collections, order samples, and envision your designs with ease through our user-friendly online platform.

Elevate your interior designs with the organic beauty and versatility of Caryn Cramer's Wood Veneer Panels. We look forward to assisting you in-store or online. Let your walls tell a story of timeless elegance.


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