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Let's Tweak that Colour

Did you know that using Tillett Textiles colourpad gives you over 90,000 combinations of colours, basecloths and patterns!  Imagine sitting at your desk and designing your own custom scheme and with the hit of a button you can order a cfa to be made and sent in around two weeks time at no cost!  

The MOTIVO team have been playing on the colourpad and included below are just some options available in our favourite blues and greens! Colours can be tweaked to match any project by specifying a Porters or Dulux paint colour. There are 16 base cloths available on different weighted Belgian linens in  white and natural bases. Our favourite part is that every Tillett design can be printed on outdoor or even a sheer. All fabrics can be paperbacked so they can be applied to walls.

Our website is now updated to include some of our favourite colourpad inspirations as we cant possibily upload all the options.  Click Here to see for yourself. Any designs you are interested in, just let us know the name,  base and colour you require and we can order it for your next project or library.  With so many options there is sure to be something that will work for your next project – happy colour padding all.

Look forward to hearing from you soon Ruth & Ally

From navy and green.... to blues and naturals

To naturals

To pink and green

To charteuse, carrot and pink

To classic blue and yellow

Endless possibilities


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