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New for 2018

MOTIVO is a boutique Australian wholesale distributor.

MOTIVO evolved from 18 years combined experience in the design industry, from our own business to working with some of Australia’s most renowned interior designers, architects, and importers.  You have told us what is required to provide excellent customer service, and we have listened.   Our business model is slightly different to other existing wholesalers.  We recognize time is such a scarce commodity and that sourcing can consume many hours.  Our business is not based on a traditional showroom environment, nor is it an online business but rather a blend of the best of the two.

We are delivering a sophisticated collaboration of globally acquired designers products. Our company vision is to provide and inspire the Australian design collective with a small but tight edit of fabrics with a handmade element. Our designers are diverse and print, paint or hand dye each of their designs.  We strongly support their craft of which many of these specialties are being lost by mass production.

We look forward to meeting with you in 2018 and introducing you to beautiful new products.


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