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Rebel Walls

Rebel Walls is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper company always striving to achieve extraordinary spaces through premium bespoke wallpaper designs. We make the world more colourful, beautiful, and diverse by claiming one space at a time. Be a Rebel. Claim Your Space.

Rebel Walls is Swedish, but we they see the world as their home. They love wallpapers, design, and innovating the industry, but the stories of rebels claiming their homes and walls even more.

Their rebellious mission started in 2012. They are not rebels in that skydiving, mountain climbing way. Their passion lies in making things happen. They are rebels by claiming space as entrepreneurs. They want to encourage people to be and express their true selves.

They want to contribute to a better world where diversity thrives in every way. Join their cause, Claim Your Space. Make the world more colourful and diverse.


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